Life, Annuities, and Pension Planning

Moody Insurance Group Life, Annuities and Pension Planning division works with independent insurance professionals with three disciplines: Annuities, Life Insurance and Pension Planning.

Moody Insurance Group Life, Annuities and Pension Planning division utilizes two outstanding companies to fulfill our mission in serving the financial demands of our insurance professionals.

American National Insurance Company

American National Insurance Company (ANICO) provides several industry leading life, annuity and pension products.   ANICO was founded in 1905 by W.L. Moody in Galveston, Texas.  See ANICO ratings here.

National Western LifeNational Western Life Insurance Company (NWL®), located in Austin, Texas, was founded in 1956 by Robert L. Moody, Sr.  The company’s current assets are over $8.5 billion with “A” ratings by both A.M. Best and Standard and Poors®. NWL® markets life and annuity products internationally as well as domestically to independent insurance professionals.

“Our mission is to engage, educate and enlighten independent insurance professionals with timely sales and marketing ideas, innovative products and outstanding service to increase their level of expertise, knowledge and income.”

Below is a list of products from American National Insurance Company and National Western Life Insurance Company. For current interest rates or for immediate agent assistance, please call 1-800-252-4002 x118.

ANICO Indexed

Palladium® MYG

ANICO Strategy PLUS 10

Affinity7 Life Series, Palladium® Group Annuity,
WealthQuest® III Group Unallocated Non-Registered Variable Annuity